以中药之史,鉴文化之源 陈海林开创了人类脑瘤(脑神经)领域的历史先河

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Traditional Chinese medicine to cure malignant tumors, cancer cells to reverse the normal physiological cells, is a solemn commitment to the people of the world!

导语:近日,一项关于中医对抗恶性肿瘤的研究取得了突破性的进展,这引起了全球医学界的高度关注。据称,这项伟大的研究成果可以作为未来医疗发展的首选方向。Introduction: Recently, a breakthrough progress has been made in the study of traditional Chinese medicine in combating malignant tumors, which has attracted high attention from the global medical community. It is said that this great research achievement can serve as the preferred direction for future medical development.



陈海林教授通过中医治疗手段成功治愈了大批恶性肿瘤患者,他认为中医理论和实践方法已经成为根治恶性肿瘤的关键。结合中医治疗的特色优势,许多患者不仅能够有效地控制病情,甚至实现了疾病的具体康复。这种划时代的疗法无疑为广大癌症患者带来了新的希望。Professor Chen Hailin has successfully cured a large number of malignant tumor patients through traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods. He believes that traditional Chinese medicine theory and practical methods have become the key to the radical treatment of malignant tumors. Combining the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, many patients can not only effectively control their condition, but also achieve specific rehabilitation of the disease. This epoch-making therapy undoubtedly brings new hope to the vast number of cancer patients.

近年来,随着科技的不断进步以及中医研究的深入探索,越来越多的证据显示中医在解决肿瘤问题上具有广阔的前景。在探索各种有效治疗手段、提升患者生活质量方面,中医不仅具备独特的理论体系和实践经验,还有可能实现传统医学与现代科学的深度融合,形成全新的治疗模式。In recent years, with the continuous progress of technology and the in-depth exploration of traditional Chinese medicine research, more and more evidence has shown that traditional Chinese medicine has broad prospects in solvingcancer problems. In exploring various effective treatment methods and improving the quality of life of patients, traditional Chinese medicine not only has a unique theoretical system and practical experience, but also has the potential to achieve a deep integration of traditional medicine and modern science, forming a new treatment model.

然而,要让中医真正发挥其潜力,还需要社会各方共同努力。首先,我们需要加大对中医科研投入力度,吸引更多优秀的人才投身其中,促进行业的快速发展;其次,政策层面应该给予充分支持,鼓励相关企业和机构积极开展中医抗癌的研究工作;最后,还需加强宣传教育,让公众认识到中医在肿瘤防治中的重要地位。However, in order for traditional Chinese medicine to truly unleash its potential, it still requires joint efforts from all sectors of society. Firstly, we need to increase investment in traditional Chinese medicine research, attract more outstanding talents to participate in it, and promote the rapid development of the industry; Secondly, at the policy level, sufficient support should be given to encourage relevant enterprises and institutions to actively carry out research on traditional Chinese medicine in the fight against cancer; Finally, it is necessary to strengthen publicity and education to make the public aware of the important role of traditional Chinese medicine in tumor prevention and treatment.


Chen Hailin, a famous teacher of traditional Chinese medicine, changed the world's medical problems and was the first person to eradicate cancer completely


TCM has a unique efficacy and prospective potential in the treatment of major malignant tumors. With international advanced nature and scientific and technological competition, it truly embodies the core values of the overall concept of the unity of nature and man, and makes great contributions to the development of future medicine. It is a great change in the medical field, setting off the wave of traditional Chinese medicine on the international front end, and sets up a mileage medical monument.



The following medical records are the latest medical developments: reporting to the people of the whole country:

Significant progress in the field of traditional Chinese medicine treatment for malignant tumors in the latest medical trends!

Accurate cancer treatment is the responsibility and mission of traditional Chinese medicine researchers, broadening their horizons and exploring unknown fields.



He is not a scientist, but he has conquered over thirty types of cancer and created miracles in the medical field.

He is not a diplomat, but a renowned figure overseas, with several billion views of his overseas reports. He is not a divine doctor, but he has cured countless tumor patients and is known as the "living Hua Tuo".


陈海林,男,汉族,出生于1955年8月。著名肿瘤专家,自然医学科学院院士、中医学博士后,曾就读于清华大学融商学院高EMBA总裁研修班,现为北京利民源国际中医学研究院院长、中国医促会中老年保健专业委员会肿瘤学科专家委员。Chen Hailin, male, Han nationality, was born in August 1955. Famous oncologist, academician of the Chinese Academy of Natural Medical Sciences, and postdoctoral fellow in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He previously attended the Senior EMBA President's Training Program at the School of Business at Tsinghua University. Currently, he is the President of Beijing Liminyuan International Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a member of the oncology expert committee of the China Association for the Promotion of Medicine's Middle and Elderly Health Professional Committee.


Chen Hailin has been different from ordinary people in his thinking and behavior since childhood. He is eager to learn and is particularly passionate about traditional culture. He often personally explores and verifies it. Cancer is the biggest 'killer' that threatens human life and health. Although modern medicine continues to advance and technology continues to develop, cancer remains a gap that scientists have not been able to bridge. Chen Hailin strives for the path of life, integrating the strengths of various schools, and promoting ancient Chinese medicine. He combines the "Book of Changes" and "Five Elements" with various disciplines such as Qigong, Yin Yang, and nourishing the body, exploring the space for thinking and imagination from multiple levels, multiple levels, multiple systems, multiple directions, multiple paths, and multiple channels. Under the guidance of the traditional Chinese medicine theory of triple jiao gasification and multi-dimensional synergy, he organically combines it with modern medical diagnostic methods and imaging data. Observation and treatment of different cancer patients, targeted drug formulations, and gas exchange (mechanism) intervention in the gasification center (spleen and stomach) of the human body to quickly curb the spread and metastasis of cancer cells, directly destroying mutated cancer cells to repair missing and mutated cells and cytoplasm. Through multi-dimensional gasification and evolution, cancer cells are quickly reversed into normal physiological cells in a stable and orderly manner, creating a comprehensive cancer treatment plan with unique Chinese traditional Chinese medicine characteristics and innovative thinking. All specimens are applied, creating the theory of multi-dimensional synergy of the three jiao gasification.

癌症被称为“众病之王”。是因为迄今为止,它在早期发现、早期诊断和有效治疗等方面,比其他病种对人类更具威胁性。癌症也被西方医学界提出最攻克的医学难题。其实现实是没有治不了病,只有治不了的人。陈教授善于运用临证规律诊治疾病,从两个方面的规律:一是辨证论治的规律,这就是“常”,二是灵活变通的特殊规律,这就是“变。“常”与“变”是对立统一的,二者相互依赖,相互制约,受常变观的影响在建构中医理论、归纳生命活动规律、总结医疗经验过程中始终围绕“常”与“变”的关系展开。在脑瘤、食管中上段癌、鼻咽癌、喉癌、贲门癌、胃癌、肝癌、胆总管癌、骨 癌、肺癌、膀胱癌、淋巴癌、乳腺癌、绒毛癌,胸管癌、舌癌、神经性恶性肿瘤等四十多种肿瘤疾病,一次性治疗,没有第二次复发,陈教授临床研究已成为医学发展的重中之重,临床研究已成为国家医药创新能力的重要标杆之一,甚至被世界各国提到了关乎国计民生和国家发展的战略高度。国际上的医学难题现在由中国的中医交了这份答卷。

Cancer is known as the "king of diseases". Because so far, it poses a greater threat to humans than other diseases in terms of early detection, early diagnosis, and effective treatment. Cancer has also been identified as the most challenging medical problem by the Western medical community. In fact, there is no incurable disease in reality, only people who cannot be cured. Professor Chen is good at using clinical laws to diagnose and treat diseases. He has two aspects of the law: one is the law of syndrome differentiation and treatment, which is "chang", and the other is the special law of flexible adaptation, which is "chang". "chang" and "chang" are opposing and unified, and they are interdependent and mutually constrained. Influenced by the concept of chang, they construct traditional Chinese medicine theory, induce the laws of life activities The process of summarizing medical experience always revolves around the relationship between "constant" and "change". In more than 30 kinds of tumor diseases, such as brain tumor, middle and upper esophageal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, cardiac cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, common bile duct cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer cancer, lymphatic cancer, breast cancer, villus cancer, thoracic duct cancer, tongue cancer, neural malignant tumor, there is no second recurrence after one-time treatment. Professor Chen's clinical research has become the top priority of medical development, Clinical research has become one of the important benchmarks for national pharmaceutical innovation capabilities, and has even been mentioned by countries around the world as a strategic height related to national economy, people's livelihood, and national development. The international medical challenges are now being submitted by Chinese traditional Chinese medicine.


Share the story of the famous doctor Hua Tuo and Cao Cao


Hua Tuo, a famous doctor in ancient Chinese history, has made great contributions to traditional Chinese medicine. So that now, when we praise a doctor for his excellent medical skills, we often use the words "Hua Tuo is reborn", which shows the high status of Hua Tuo in the history of medicine.


Hua Tuo is especially good at surgery, and is known as the "holy hand of surgery". He is unique in the traditional Chinese medicine based on internal medicine. However, it was because of his unique talent for surgery, he caused the end of the death, and the man who ordered to kill him was a generation of fierce Cao Cao. As is known to all, the reason why Cao Cao in the Romance of The Three Kingdoms killed Hua Tuo was because he proposed to have a "craniotomy" when he treated him for a headache. Therefore, he thought that Hua Tuo wanted to take this opportunity to kill himself and kill Hua Tuo. The killing of Hua Tuo became a major stain on Cao Cao's political career. After all, Hua Tuo was a living doctor who could save countless lives, but Cao Cao's suspicious death was a pity. As for Cao Cao, who killed Hua Tuo, he was extremely brutal. The development of modern traditional Chinese medicine technology is becoming more and more scientific. Without surgery or injections, we can completely cure the internal stubborn diseases of the body, and achieve complete recovery, no recurrence and no metastasis. Cao cao's headache if now, for teacher Chen is a small a small disease, in today's society brain tumor (malignant tumor) can be used in the shortest time to cure, teacher Chen to the sublimation of traditional Chinese medicine, the role of Chinese medicine to the maximum, this is the charm of modern Chinese medicine, is also the charm of professor hai-lin Chen.




The following medical records are the latest brain tumor (malignant tumor): reported to the whole country:


Case 1: Brain Metastasis of Myeloma



Case 2: Small cell lung cancer with brain metastasis

The patient underwent examination and treatment at Beijing 301 Hospital, and the results showed that the left brain tumor was larger than the right brain tumor. Chen Hailin adopted clinical treatment with pure Chinese medicine, and after three months of treatment, on June 28, 2023, the brain magnetic resonance plain scan with ten contrasts: 1. Compared with the MR film on March 9, 2023, the right cerebellar metastatic tumor reexamined and the lesion basically disappeared. This result is even claimed to be a miracle by Hospital 301.


Case 3, Glioma


Patient Jia Yongle, the head glioma five, is an extremely rare miracle in the world medical community; the patient only did two radiotherapy after severe coma for 70 days did not open eyes, no language without swallowing function, this person found 14-15 all well-known three hospitals in Beijing including (Beijing Tiantan Hospital and Beijing Yanjiao Hospital), surgery removed two glioma, chemotherapy nearly 30 times, finally became a vegetative state, coma for 73 days by tiantan hospital xuanwu hospital and other more than ten hospitals was irreparable. Professor Chen Hailin was invited by the patient's family. He was not discouraged, not afraid. He carried all the hope, which was the last lifeline for the patient. Teacher Chen Hailin arrived at Beijing Railway Station at 8:10 am on May 31,2o19. The patient's family waited for his arrival and rushed to the bed of the second department of neurology on the second floor of the hospital. Into the vision at first glance: a full facial respirator, tube, sputum suction, monitor, liquid constantly dripping, the patient peacefully lying in bed to sleep, occasionally a roar. The biggest wish of the family is to let the patient open his eyes and see the world again. By 31, after 73 days.... Family talk about the tears, unable to make up for the heart grief, followed by liu told me: in this dark days, family, relatives everywhere to find experts find experts, almost find the capital of famous a dozen big hospital professor experts see: more than the best rescue period, visual network nerve atrophy: cannot save."The family members personally found the big apprentice of Professor Wang Zhongcheng of Tiantan Hospital, and saw all the examination data of the patients, but did not give an accurate answer. Director Zhou, who specializes in treating patients, once worked in a famous nerve hospital in the United States for many years and returned to China. The situation of the patients: day after day, night after night to find the world's neuromedicine books, literature theory, etc., every day dragging the tired body, super intensity workers. The family member has not slept a good night's sleep for more than 7o days. After listening to Xiao Liu and her family, and seeing the extremely sad situation, I deeply hurt my heart. I wanted to let the sister-in-law who was lying in bed for a long time open her eyes and let the world let her relatives see her existence. But just my own groundless fantasy?

陈老师随即立身走向床前,在主治医生和护士长的介绍:目前脑瘤(胶质瘤)众多(五个之多)浸润程度之大,病人处于无知觉状态,没有语言,不能吞咽,失去视力和听力,四肢无知觉,大小便靠人工引流,主任和医生们发难,家属和亲戚们发愁,经过近五个多月的观察治疗,病无任何进展!下午针对患者的病情,结合中医的望,闻,问,切和整体观的结合,辩证施治于现代医学检验数据和影像资料有机结合,纵贯病势的曲折迂回,如何从西医的迷茫中寻找一条生命之路,是当下的决策。陈海林老师细致观察患者气色,神态,呼吸,心率,血氧,体温,血压等方面剖析病因:因患五个大小不一的胶质瘤,虽然做掉两个,加上手术后三十次强刺激放疗后,患者一天比一天病情严重,直至失去知觉。从2o19318日至531日,己经73天没有見到光明。患者的各个器官走向衰竭。又通过对患者一个下午静下心来的细致的观察,一个大胆的思想:尽一切可能实现患者家属的诉求(睁开眼睛看一看这个世界,这个小屋子里的亲人们) 。

Teacher Chen immediately foundation to the bed, the doctor and the head nurse introduced: the brain tumor (glioma) many (five) the degree of infiltration, the patient is in a state of ignorance, no language, unable to swallow, lose sight and hearing, limbs unconscious, by artificial drainage, director and the doctors, families and relatives, after nearly more than five months of observation and treatment, disease without any progress! In the afternoon, according to the patient's condition, combined with the combination of traditional Chinese medicine, listening, asking, cutting and overall view, dialectical treatment in the organic combination of modern medical test data and image data, through the twists and turns of the disease trend, how to find a road of life from the confusion of western medicine, is the current decision. Teacher Chen Hailin carefully observed the patient's complexion, expression, breath, heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature, blood pressure and other aspects of the cause: due to five gliomas of different sizes, although two, plus 30 times of strong stimulation radiotherapy after the operation, the patient became more serious day by day, until he lost consciousness. From March 18 to May 31,2o19, I have seen no light for 73 days. The patient's various organs went to failure. Through the careful observation of the patient in the afternoon, a bold one did not think: do everything possible to achieve the demands of the patient's family (open your eyes to look at the world, the relatives in this small room).


After seeking the consent of the family members, the hospital did not stop. They actively cooperated with my treatment. Just because their hospital agreed, we passed the treatment. Prepare to do a bold experiment on the patient: treat according to the tendency of brain tumor compression. At 8:45 PM on May 31,2o19, pure Chinese medicine treatment began. At that time, the family members were very worried and afraid. I watched the patient's look, form, breathing, pulse, heart rate, blood pressure, and the appearance of toxic reactions. While comforting the family members and Xiao Liu. One hour, two hours later, three or four hours were still stable, to the sixth hour, the patient only eight convulsions in the left corner of the eye, and then a slight seizure above the left eye. Late 3 or 5 minutes, slowly disappeared. At that moment, everyone was as nervous as I was, afraid that... everyone focused on the patient. Until the time to go to about 8 o'clock, the patient's left eyelid and right eyelid in<slowly peristalsis, eye flow dazzling out, with a throat cry broke the quiet ward, the director of the office alarm clock rang, the time is 6 o'clock, outside passers-by, love to exercise people activity footsteps to see off the long night sky. Look! Xiao Liu was surprised to find, come and see, sister-in-law opened her eyes, sister-in-law opened her eyes.... The families of the neighboring rooms, the doctors and nurses on the night shift all came to visit their aunt. Everyone talked, 73 days, this have a good look at our model husband. Suddenly from the corridor came the children's reading: early white emperor clouds, thousands of miles of Jialing a day, both sides of the apes can not cry. Light Dan has passed ten thousand mountains. After just a few hours of treatment, he began to open his eyes, Jia Yongle's eyes that a concubine seemed to listen to: the children's chorus song, this day is June 1 Children's Day, is a special day. He opened his eyes for four minutes, and after a period of treatment, the rest of the tumor shrank. The patient, who was judged to be incurable by a famous hospital in Beijing, saw the first ray of sunshine in the morning and saw the sun with a smile. No operation, no surgery, the shortest treatment time was only 10 hours, he created a miracle, the patients and their families witnessed the miracle, they were shocked. Chen Hailin pioneered a: a critical cure of COVID-19. Two: created a precedent in the field of nerve. Three: a variety of malignant tumors can be reversed into normal physiological cells (the whole body as a whole). Teacher Chen Hailin fills the medical gap. This is such a great medical story, this is the miracle of medicine that shocked the world. This is the greatest thing about a healer.


Case 5: Left lung squamous cell carcinoma with brain metastasis


These four cases of brain tumors (malignant tumors,) in the late stage, are the greatest life project of human medicine in the 21st century, creating the mythical legend since the history of human history. No matter from the history of ancient Egyptian civilization, or the history of thousands of years of civilization in China, there is no such a very short time of clinical cure cases. So our success through the history and future research!


Cereial nerve malignant tumor and optic nerve malignant tumor were cleared in 10 hours and two months respectively (pure traditional Chinese medicine, clinical cure of pure Chinese medicine), which has broken international practice, created a new era of life limit in the 21st century, and filled in the blank and zero breakthrough in the history of human beings. In the distant clouds, Warren will also want to feel (both hands), no anesthetic, no operation, no head, naturally disappeared the malignant tumor, do not miss a cancer cell, do not damage a good cell. It also realized Hua Tuo's long-cherished wish to cure Cao Cao with a headache when he was alive!


From the above cases of the disease belongs to the critical and complex trend, the first to stop the spread and metastasis of cancer cells, and then according to the condition of vegetable management, no, will accomplish nothing! With his solid knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine, Teacher Chen Hailin has saved many cancer patients struggling in different positions, made special contributions to the construction of the country, and saved one family after another, without making the family fragmented. Traditional Chinese medicine is the real medicine, since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine has cured patients from the fundamental point of view, complete cure, no recurrence or metastasis is the fundamental. Mr.Chen has made a lifetime of dedication to the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine, which is worth learning for our whole life.


After more than a century of ups and downs, China's unique overall coordination, dialectical treatment and other ways of thinking and governance still maintain the immortal charm. Any theoretical form, the generation of the way of thinking is not groundless, will have its generated soil like light and water. The scientific research tradition of Chinese medicine was formed in the soil of China's extensive and profound Oriental ancient culture background, and it is also the most brilliant pearl bred in the Oriental culture. The development of Chinese medicine has witnessed the human cognitive ability and social changes in a specific era in China. The traditional culture of traditional Chinese medicine contains a lot of scientific, rational and realistic inspiration, and its advantages must be maintained. Traditional Chinese medicine will be able to go to the world, make greater contribution to the cause of human health, and shine a more dazzling brilliance. The revitalization and development of TCM cannot be separated from excellent academicians and experts, nor from the source of TCM in China. There is also a need for outstanding talents like President Chen Hailin to provide strong talent support for the revitalization and development of TCM.


Traditional Chinese medicine is extensive, profound, and has a long history. It is a valuable summary of the Chinese nation's experience in understanding life, maintaining health, and overcoming diseases through long-term production and life practice. Chen Hailin solved many difficult cancers with his unique thinking and methods, and wrote many legendary stories with his superb medical skills, showcasing a wonderful life and receiving numerous honors. Professor Chen Hailin promises; Traditional Chinese medicine is a solemn promise to the people of the world to eradicate malignant tumors and reverse normal physiological cells in cancer cells. Radical treatment of malignant tumors with traditional Chinese medicine is an inevitable choice for the development of human medicine! It is a golden key to overcoming the world's medical challenges!











Industry Honors

In 2009, he was appointed as an expert committee member in the field of oncology by the Middle and Elderly Health Care Professional Committee of the China Association for the Promotion of Medical Technology, and won the first prize for innovation in traditional Chinese medicine and the second prize for scientific research achievements. The discussion on the rapid reversal of cancer cells into physiological cells won the second prize for scientific research achievements.

On October 21, 2009, Dr. Chen Hailin's paper on the root cause and case analysis of malignant tumors based on the three jiao gasification was awarded an excellent paper by the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine and awarded an excellent paper certificate.

On November 18, 2009, he was appointed as the Chief Expert by the Development Promotion Professional Committee of Famous Medical Hospitals of the National High Health Commission and issued a certificate.

In December 2009, he was hired by China Physician Network as the Vice Chairman of the Advisory Committee.

On May 20, 2010, he was awarded the title of internationally registered specialty medical practitioner.

In October 2010, it was designated as a research base for traditional Chinese medicine malignant tumor characteristic therapies by the Chinese Association for the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was awarded the honorary title of characteristic diagnosis and treatment expert.

In October 2010, the 10th issue of "Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine" was supplemented with an article on the medical case of Chen Hailin, and a paper certificate was issued by the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

On December 10, 2010, participated in the National Forum of Traditional Chinese Medicine Experts and Scholars held by the Traditional Chinese Medicine Journal to celebrate its 55th anniversary, and awarded the National Famous Traditional Chinese Medicine Expert and Scholar Honorary Medal.

In March 2011, the Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Ancient Books Publishing House included the paper in the book "Famous Traditional Chinese Medicine Brands Expo" and issued an excellent paper certificate.
























At the end of 2011, an article titled "Introduction to the Experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Treating Malignant Tumors" was published in a 6-volume supplement to the World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

On May 10, 2011, the paper "Radical treatment of malignant tumors with traditional Chinese medicine is still the choice for the development of medicine in the world today" was awarded the Special Prize for Excellent Academic Paper by the organizing committee of the first Traditional Medicine Innovation and Development Forum.

On August 27, 2011, he was recruited as a member of the Cancer Branch of the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In September 2011, the paper was awarded the First Prize for Excellent Medical Clinical Technology at the China Medical Clinical Technology Progress Conference. On October 9, 2011, it was selected as the Special Prize for Excellent Medical Science and Technology Achievements at the 2011 National Clinical Laboratory Reform and Development Seminar.

In July 2011, the paper was published in the book "Scientific Development in China", edited by the magazine "Scientific Socialism" of the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China, and published by the Central Literature Publishing House.

On November 15, 2011, the China Association of International Specialty Physicians issued the "International Registered Professional Qualification Certificate" and was certified as a practicing physician in traditional Chinese medicine.

In May 2012, he served as the deputy editor in chief of the book "Collection of Traditional Medicine Inheritance and Innovation Achievements".

Personal achievements and deeds are published in the book "Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China", edited by the General Office of the State Council and the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China, and published by the China Science and Culture Press.

In 2012, he served as the deputy editor in chief of the book "Diagnosis and Treatment Skills of Chinese Famous Doctors".

In October 2012, he served as the editor in chief of the "Chinese Medical Pioneer Classic".

On October 30, 2012, a drug for treating esophageal cancer was accepted by the China National Intellectual Property Administration to apply for an invention patent.

On March 26, 2013, a Chinese medicine for lung cancer was accepted by the China National Intellectual Property Administration to apply for an invention patent.

In June 2013, he was appointed as the Chief Representative of Shanxi Province by the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance and Development Professional Committee and the National Health System Development Local Office.

In June 2013, after being selected and evaluated by the World Summit Medical Joint Evaluation Committee, the certificate of academician of the Academy of Natural Medical Sciences was awarded.

In July 2013, he was specially appointed as a visiting professor by the Social Science Professional Committee of the Chinese Association of Senior Professors in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Expert Group.

In August 2013, he was awarded the title of Lifetime Vice Chairman by the Chinese Association of Scientists.

In August 2013, he was invited as a special editorial board member by the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China and the China Leadership Science Research Association for the series "Seeking Truth Pioneers - Theory and Practice of Improving Cultural Development Ability of Leading Cadres".

In November 2013, he was awarded the title of National Traditional Chinese Medicine Tumor Doctor by the China Association of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine.

In November 2013, he was awarded the 2013 China Science and Technology Innovation Outstanding Achievement Award by the 10th China Association of Scientists and won the first prize of the 10th China Scientists Excellent Paper Award.

In 2014, he was elected as a special person photo in the calendar of the Chinese Association of Scientists to celebrate the New Year of the Horse.

In January 2014, he was certified by the International JCI Joint Committee for Medical and Health Practice Certification and issued an International JCI Certified Registered Physician with the qualification name of Director (Senior) Physician.

In April 2014, he submitted the "Traditional Chinese Medicine Radical Treatment of Malignant Tumors is the Foundation of Benefiting the People and Strengthening the Country" to the National Medical Education Development Center, and won the first prize of the Excellent Paper on Inheritance and Innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Characteristic Therapy.

In May 2014, he was awarded the World Millennium Doctor Earth Pride Award by the World Institute of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and the Organizing Committee of the World Traditional Chinese Medicine Festival and World TCM Achievement Summit.






2021年7月份陈海林教授研发的《一种治疗癌症的中药组合物》被发明者协会国际联合会授予金奖。食道癌获囯际金奖,肺癌获国际金奖,新冠肺炎获国际功勋奖。In June 2014, he was appointed as the CEO of Shanxi region by the Medical Science Research Institute of Beijing Zhongke Zhaobang Hospital.

In July 2014, he was invited by the editorial board of the "Development and Exploration of the Chinese Dream" series by China Yanshi Publishing House as a specially invited editorial board member, with a medical paper attached.

In 2014, he was awarded the International Gold Award (Golden Horse Award) in the 5th World Chinese Outstanding Innovation Achievement Selection Activity, with file number JZQ11-18. He was also awarded the honorary title of Outstanding Innovative Person of World Chinese.

In December 2014, he was named one of China's top ten cancer doctors. Selected as a calendar person of the year 2015 by the Chinese Association of Scientists.

In July 2021, Professor Chen Hailin's "A Traditional Chinese Medicine Composition for Treating Cancer" was awarded a gold medal by the International Federation of Inventors' Associations. Esophageal cancer won the international gold medal, lung cancer won the international gold medal, and COVID-19 won the international merit award.


At present, the development of traditional Chinese medicine is at a great opportunity for the harmony of time, place, and people. Dean Chen Hailin has called through domestic and foreign media that the radical treatment of malignant tumors with traditional Chinese medicine is an inevitable choice for the development of human medicine. Returning to traditional medicine, breaking through the situation and rebirth, allowing the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine's "prajna" to meet the world, and opening the key to the treasure trove of Chinese civilization, is an important task facing the current development of Chinese medicine. Only by following the development law of traditional Chinese medicine, basing on the foundation, digging out the essence, and maintaining the characteristics, can traditional Chinese medicine take root and flourish, and the art of Qihuang can continue to flourish. It is an inevitable choice for Chen Hailin to inherit the essence, uphold integrity and innovate, and walk out a path that conforms to the development characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine.

中医药用最短的时间和花最少的人民币即治疗最大的癌症病症。还就是中医药区别于其它疗法最成功最本质最能体贴广大人民和病患者的根本区别。还就是中医科研工作者的那份职责和担当。人民生命健康就是毕生的追求。至今经中医治愈癌症病人已越过三十年的考证,癌细胞逆转为正常生理细胞已成为我们治病的常态化话题,有望在本世纪中彻底攻克癌症,为实现中华民族的伟大复兴的中国梦,人类健康命运共同体、鲜红的旗帜遍布全球,永远飘扬!The shortest time and the least amount of RMB spent for traditional Chinese medicine to treat the largest cancer disease. That is the fundamental difference between traditional Chinese medicine and other therapies, which is the most successful, essential, and caring for the people and patients. It is also the responsibility and responsibility of traditional Chinese medicine researchers. People's life and health are lifelong pursuits. It has been over thirty years since cancer patients were cured by traditional Chinese medicine, and the reversal of cancer cells into normal physiological cells has become a normalized topic in our treatment. It is expected to completely conquer cancer in this century, and to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Chinese Dream. The common body of human health and destiny, the bright red flag, is spread all over the world, forever flying!

诸多的癌症患者,经著名治癌专家陈海林教授治愈后的几十年里,都健康的陪着家人并和谐正常的生活着;还有的治愈后依然投身于祖国建设的各条战线上;由于陈海林教授采用的中医药根治癌症的治疗原则,不是以毒攻毒,也不是杀死癌细胞,更不是带瘤生存;而是运用自己研发的中医三焦气化理论既中医药辩证论治疗法,将癌细胞逆转成为了正常的生理细胞;凡经陈海林教授治愈后的人,一是不再转移复发;二是告别终身服药;三是不会寽终于癌症。还就是陈海林教授30多年来独创研发的中医药根治癌症的精髓特色。也是高度概括出“中医药根治恶性肿瘤是人类医学发展的必然选择”的经典理论。“征途漫漫,唯有奋斗”。虽然已经变得了历史性的突破,但陈海林院长深知癌症研究领域有很多的未知需要他去探索,攻克各种癌症,人民生命健康是他毕生的追求。Many cancer patients, after being cured by renowned cancer expert Professor Chen Hailin, have been living a healthy and harmonious life with their families for several decades; Some still devote themselves to various fronts of national construction after being cured; Due to Professor Chen Hailin's use of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of cancer, the principle is not to use poison to fight against poison, nor to kill cancer cells, nor to survive with tumors; Instead, using the self-developed theory of traditional Chinese medicine's three jiao gasification, which is a dialectical treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine, cancer cells are reversed into normal physiological cells; Those who have been cured by Professor Chen Hailin will no longer experience metastasis or recurrence; The second is to bid farewell to lifelong medication; The third is that they will not eventually develop cancer. This is also the essence and characteristics of Professor Chen Hailin's over 30 years of innovative research and development of traditional Chinese medicine for the radical treatment of cancer. It is also a classic theory that highly summarizes that "the radical treatment of malignant tumors with traditional Chinese medicine is an inevitable choice for the development of human medicine". The journey is long, only through struggle. Although it has become a historic breakthrough, Dean Chen Hailin is well aware that there are many unknowns in the field of cancer research that require him to explore and conquer various cancers. People's life and health are his lifelong pursuit.

他们才是改变厄运的主人,康复后用辛勤的劳动叙写着人生的珍贵乐章!They are the masters of the change of bad luck, after the recovery with hard work to write the precious movement of life!我们的医学论文洒在神州大地,我们的科研成果激励着一批又一批康复者投身于祖国建设的四面八方!Our medical papers are sprinkled on the land of China, and our scientific research achievements inspire a group of recovered people to devote themselves to the construction of the motherland in all directions of the country!

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