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Fan Changyun, inheritor of Chinese medicine aptherapy and famous master of Chinese medicine


To comprehensively promote the development of health industry, response xi general secretary "no health, there is no comprehensive well-off" and " to advocate healthy and civilized way of life, set up the concept of big health, health, the cure to people's health as the center, establish and improve the health education system, improve the health literacy."And" the call to uphold the concept of a community of human health and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind ".


Fan Changyun, ——, inheritor of traditional Chinese medicine and inheritor of traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy, who has made outstanding contributions to the development of TCM in protecting people's health.


Bee therapy special newspaper


Where to find health and longevity, the bee angel to report.


Plant essence of the spleen and stomach, tail god needle cut the disease.


I have been studying bee product bee therapy for more than 30 years. Because TCM bee therapy has the effective magic effect of treating many diseases, I have been addicted to the development and research of bee function. Although bee therapy can't cure all diseases! In clinical practice, bee therapy can treat internal and external diseases, combined with products for sub-health, health care and rehabilitation treatment, syndrome and even cancer are very good, as if it is omnipotent.


Start beekeeping to know that bee sting can cure all kinds of joint pain. And often help others bee zhe is a point, the treatment of joint swelling and pain, the effect is particularly good. But a lot of people do not know, bee products can also cure very disease! Thirty years ago, a cup of hot jujube flower honey water, the landlord had to spend more than 100 yuan to thank me. In the beekeeping near Tongshan County Middle School, Hubei province, the school director is my landlord. Playing chess with me for one day: he lost three sets in a row! The landlord said to me: not today! Come with you in a few days. What's wrong with me? He said I caught a cold nearly 20 days, injection medicine is useless, so the brain can not reverse! And said, the commune chess competition I was the first: the county third, because of a cold, the level did not play well. I say a cold is good to say! Give you a cup of hot honey water and sleep immediately. He said there was no such? I often drink honey of, did not feel to drink honey to can cure a disease of! I said if you do what I say, you work. He spent one hundred and forty and fifty yuan because of a cold, and suspected that honey did not have this effect, said to me: if, you really can use a cup of honey water to cure my cold: your husband and wife apprentice four people I treat! I said you don't know, in fact, the body pain propolis is very good, malnutrition pollen royal jelly is very good waiting for it, can cure diseases.


Because he didn't believe it! I add say; if tomorrow cold bad I treat: cold good you treat.how? He said. Because I am afraid of the remarks, I needed some remedial measures; first, I asked the landlord to soak his feet for twenty minutes; second, I added a fen. Prepare one or two jujube nectar, add about a jin of hot boiled water into heat to drink. After soaking your feet, drinking hot honey water can promote blood circulation and lift energy. In fact, hot water bubble foot honey water did not enter the body fever hair tube open sweat, cold wet go, the landlord said: now the nose dredge symptoms reduced! Results the next day all symptoms disappear, the day treat spend 14450 yuan. Bee products have the same origin, honey pollen royal jelly, propolis honeycomb venom smell and so on can cure diseases, and its Chinese medicine combination treatment more widely. Early Chinese beekeeping magazine often introduced, and even reported that royal jelly can treat a variety of cancer, bee products have been ancient. Can the ordinary people which dare to believe! The reason is that the relevant policies of drug administration include the bee products in health products and do not publicize the therapeutic effect of bee products.


Although the bee contribution is big, hard work for life,


Life only do civil benefit, and dance with it.


Found that bee therapy can treat disease and cancer is 2007, in Beijing Shunyi Wang Menglin teacher bee therapy hospital internship, just have advanced gastric cancer patients come to see a doctor, after the patient left to ask the teacher, gastric cancer bee curative effect fruit how? The teacher said; gastric cancer is developed from gastritis! Cancer is the result of the further development of inflammation! Cancer can be understood as a kind of inflammation, inflammation eliminates cancer elimination. Bee venom peptide town can be painful anti-inflammatory repair of the body, stimulate self-healing potential, is the bane of inflammation and cancer. Many advanced cancer hospitals are ineffective, and traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy will also be effective (hospital surgery or a single division of local treatment, there are loopholes but also vital injury! The result can only solve part of the problem of cancer, and the cure ultimately depends on the body's own self-healing potential).


Traditional Chinese medicine has taboos, let you keep in mind. Western medicine has no taboos, but it is afraid of no business.


Traditional Chinese medicine aphitherapy two-way adjustment, the use of flexible, balance of the body, the effect of stable effect is better (the teacher's view, and more than 30 years ago when a friend suffered from bowel cancer, hazy cure feeling is the same). With the inflammatory pain under control, the cancer is basically fine. Wang said; these years, the Ministry of Health, every year there are hundreds of cases of advanced cancer indicators, in his Kangtai bee therapy hospital treatment, March 1,1992 to May 21,1993, received liver, lung, esophagus, rectum, breast and ovarian cancer 500 people, bee therapy mainly combined with traditional Chinese and western medicine cancer treatment effect outstanding. The survival rate of 86 cases of liver cancer over 5 years was 53,6%, gastric esophagus and rectal breast and ovary, and the survival rate over 5 years was 91,89%. The reason is that propolis products have good balance regulation effect, in the improvement of the quality of life, prevention of recurrence, prolong life are better than other methods, and cheap beauty.


Simple, cheap test, fast is the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy. The development and promotion of traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy is basically that only after experiencing the many advantages of bee therapy can we recommend family and friends and choose traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy! Because, no one will believe that bees can cure diseases! And even say: if the little bee can treat, which is the hospital why? But the immediate clinical effect speaks for itself. The teacher said that many central leaders, NPC deputies, are paying attention to TCM bee therapy. It was nominated by several NPC deputies and arraigned to all the NPC for deliberation in 2007, and unanimously approved by the deputies. It is said that all the deputies to the NPC have passed a deliberation that has never been done before. Of course, simple, cheap, fast is the most expected practical medical treatment for patients and people (President Jiang Zemin also paid attention to bee therapy and receive teacher Wang, and the inscription "develop the motherland medicine, carry forward the national spirit" December 8,1995. A traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy study, can let a number of directors to pay attention to, the chairman inscription, ancient and modern all without.


In 2007, the Science and Technology Development and Exchange Center of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine promoted the "Chinese bee therapy for osteoarthrosis" to the whole country. During the meeting, I asked Mr.Wang: Traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy clearly what disease is effective! Why do you only declare a small range of osteoarthrosis (I think it is very small)? Teacher Wang said: all the organs of the body nerves, muscles, blood vessels, viscera meridians are connected to the bones, bone is the pillar of the whole body, only the pillar is healthy, other connected with these, can be healthy! Just like a tree, only the trunk and healthy branches and leaves can flourish.


If a person is like a tree, the tree will die. Disease is so reasonable, healthy blood and transfusion.


Why is osteoarthrosis difficult to treat ah? Because of destructive surgery and chemicals with toxic side effects, as well as no holistic view of short-sighted limited discipline medical treatment, to the trunk of the body deep, so, modern medicine to rheumatoid, ankylosing spondylitis, sciatica, femoral head necrosis, etc. included in the incurable cancer! Isn't it? From the anatomical understanding, the bones wrap the bone marrow, bone health first to the bone marrow health: the bone marrow is deep in the center of the bone, and which drugs are difficult to deeply nourish the bone marrow! How can cure bone joint disease? If rheumatoid diseases, use the wrong method with the wrong medicine! That is often more and more serious treatment, and finally lead to the size of the bone joint hyperplasia and swelling deformation is this truth. And bee sting meridians and acupoints, from the regulation of viscera, bee products from nourishing the spleen and stomach, balance the body to improve immunity, it is not difficult to imagine: how can not be healthy? How can the bone marrow not get nutrition again? Bee product honey pollen royal jelly bee venom peptide hyaluronidase and many other substances can go deep into the bone marrow, to participate in the repair and cure of osteoarthropathy. The master is the master, the simple answer, let a person at a glance! Treat ure disease first treat bone, which has mystery! The healthy journey of life, the happiness and longevity of the most critical secret, in fact, is here.


And said that now western medicine leading, traditional Chinese medicine side reality system in here! Can curve to save the country, unfortunately in the lucky. Senders' thoughts and intentions, only insiders can realize! How difficult it is to bring TCM bee therapy into the medical system, and to provide a platform to show their skills, which is really for the benefit of the people.


The team of Shi Xuemin, president of Tianjin Acupuncture and Moxibustion Research Institute and a master of traditional Chinese medicine, proved that acupuncture can cure more than 650 diseases. Can just start the traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy can not say so! Director general of the Medical administration Department Xu also said at the conference: I hope we do not publicize all diseases bee therapy, otherwise the country will not let any diseases treatment! The system was really like that. The mainstream medicine within the system is divided into subjects, effective modern people do not understand, also does not conform to the current system! Besides, apiculture is thin, and general hospitals are not willing to accept it. Outside the system, the folk apiculture will be more limited because of the policy restrictions.


Over time, apiculture must get better and better. Now there are many third-class hospitals at the county and city level and the research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People's Hospital are carrying out bee therapy with vigor and vitality. All departments of Shaoxing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Zhejiang Province are carrying out bee therapy.


No matter the flat ground and the mountain tip, the infinite scenery is occupied. Pick flowers into honey, for who hard for who sweet. Now I know, in the sweet for the broad masses of the people.


Why can all departments use traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy? Because the bee sting meridian and its products nutrition moisture, itself is to regulate the whole of the systemic treatment. This runs counter to the modernization of hospitals! The hospital is divided into departments and credit departments and treatment, it does not ask the way forward, just this department problem regardless of other department problem! Here, there is a scientific question that needs to be explored and understood deeply. People rely on qi and blood to nourish the viscera to supply the whole body, the liver in the eye; the kidney in the ear; lung main fur; spleen main juice muscle, etc. If the TCM theory fits the human physiology; ask? How is western medicine branch branch scientific? If western medicine is correct and scientific: then five thousand years of Chinese medical civilization will not be scientific. Five thousand years of Chinese medicine knowledge of the Chinese civilization, our descendants are still in clinical application, and very effective. Traditional Chinese medicine can remove mass cysts from the root, fibroids tumor or completely cure such as: diabetes, three high, qi stagnation and blood stasis and other syndrome. Traditional Chinese medicine black do not believe! Like to eat a lifetime with side effects and only temporary inhibitory effect of western medicine! Of course, as long as he wants to.


In the 1970s, the People's Daily saw a very satirical cartoon. It shows a general, whose buttocks are naked, who shoots an arrow, and two soldiers carry it on a stretcher to find a surgeon. The surgeon held a large pair of scissors and prepared to take the outside arrow off. The soldier asked what about the arrows inside? The doctor said: I'm a surgeon just the arrow outside, the arrow inside looking for the internal medicine. If the cartoon reporter is still alive, estimate he has to be traditional Chinese medicine black hate scold to death! But the merits and demerits, leave the next generation of young to prove it! However, everyone knows well about the achievements of traditional Chinese and western medicine.



Fifty years old old fan, beekeeping for more than 30 years, beekeeping technology first-class, and why actually sold the bee farm, full of confidence! Want to organize an aptherapy hospital in Jinhua? Because all the way bee therapy; has mastered the basic characteristics of bee venom, understand the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine meridians, coupled with the country in further opening the traditional Chinese medicine policy, 2007 traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy was recognized by the state, so fantastic to return to Jinhua to open bee therapy hospital. Fool old fan sold the apiary, decided to go to Jinhua hotel, while the aptherapy while find a way for half a year, through unremitting efforts, beekeeping association China secretary general help, and then to the leadership of animal husbandry bureau and staff aptherapy, propaganda Chinese medicine aptherapy can cure joint swelling and pain and difficult diseases, and even gout three high diabetes tumor and other diseases. Finally got the director of the help of the project, reported to the health bureau. And the city health bureau director said; open the bee therapy hospital must have a doctor certificate! Otherwise, it does not conform to the policy, and no one will dare to take responsibility. Later, through the introduction of Secretary General Hua, I know Qian, secretary of the Civil Affairs Bureau. The secretary said that since good things, the health bureau does not approve, our civil affairs bureau to find a way to approve for you. Finally, I visited five bureaus to negotiate a bee health research institute, which also required three professional doctors. Finally, meet the requirements, Lao Fan has a platform to show the bee therapy medical skills.


At that time, the fool old fan, really with a fool strength, thought with bee efficacy fruit, with 20 or 30 years of bee therapy experience; will be able to do the next bee therapy hospital or what service platform. After hard work, and finally get a lot of noble people to help, only to achieve what you wish. Give up a favorite industry, change the development of apiculture will know, open a new apiculture hospital is not so easy, certainly very difficult! But it doesn't matter, the key is that bee therapy often has a single shot effect, and I believe it will eventually be recognized by the social and government leaders.


Can cure diseases and save lives! Even the disease that cannot cure in the hospital bee cure can, why does the doctor leader do not take seriously? Don't everyone need to be healthy, too? And the approval of bee therapy hospital is a good thing to win the hearts of the people, but also to help them, let their pain dispel the body more healthy, they are not willing to help it. So sell the beloved first-class peak apiary! Come to Jinhua to fight against the water! Create the impossible aptherapy.


During the approval of the research institute, once and my father friend about bee therapy can cure rheumatoid disease, and the effect is very good; I have put a sixty-eight year old female retired teacher, rheumatoid body swelling and pain, moisture is very serious, double wrist joint stiffness, finger swelling pain deformation of patients, more than 20 years cross out two or three hundred thousand! Basically invalid! The is was cured in less than two months. Dad friend said, the daughter is a nurse of traditional Chinese medicine hospital. Listen to the daughter say, the president of the hospital get rheumatism is very serious! And told me that if the bee therapy really can treat rheumatoid disease, he asked me to go to his daughter, through his daughter to contact the dean to try. I said yes, I will go to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to find your daughter. In fact, my Tianhe Hotel is just next to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. One day I found his daughter to explain the situation, and especially explained that traditional Chinese medicine apiculture osteoarthrosis has been included in the medical treatment, rheumatism is particularly effective, asked her to introduce me to the dean to try bee therapy. And said that I learned apiculture, has been to the local people when beekeeping, the effect is good. Her daughter said yes, the dean had a severe rheumatoid joint disease! Has been retired at home.



Doctors treat diseases, do not find the cause, there is no taboo, just dispensing medicine, which can cure diseases. Finally, she didn't believe it! His daughter said: Chang Yun: how could the dean believe you an unlicensed folk Chinese medicine! If you have you to see a doctor! Where is his face? He himself is in China: What experts come? What hospital can't you go to it? What medicine can't be bought? How could he trust a folk doctor? Rheumatoid disease is a world's medical problem! It is a disease that medicine is impossible to cure. So good! Modern medicine has given death to rheumatism, which becomes immortal cancer. And I really thought, too? I came to Jinhua development, originally did not think so simple! Still wait for me to cure hospital to do come down, go to find dean again! Shortcuts are like luck! Stick to your own way. Give up the efforts to continue to find the dean to treat rheumatism again! A year later, I learned that the dean had died. I regretted learning of the death of the dean! I rarely regret things, this time is the real regret! Dean is the great benefactor of Jinhua and many patients all over the country! And this is a very good and respected life! Because from childhood to big cold cough, serious illness and minor illness to find a doctor, Doctors are like second parents are rescue gods. Doctors are trying to save them. The doctor is seriously ill, especially the director of the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, can not help really feel very sorry! Missed a noble life that could have been extended or saved.




Can be in the hospital scientific management of the doctor does not believe in bee therapy! The dean could only have to die in pain. Of course, the dean is a first-class Chinese medicine expert, but in the scientific management of medicine, a nurse suspected therapy and let me stop! If the dean can be found at that time, it is estimated that the dean should know that bee therapy can cure joint disease, but too regrettable! The bees didn't help them. I believe that the president for Jinhua citizens, for traditional Chinese medicine worry broken heart! I know hu Ke, director of oncology, heard a friend say: He made the hospital his home. The dean is too! I once heard that my patient went to Dean Kim's home to see a doctor. There are countless patients to save the dying and heal the wounded, he led the whole Chinese medicine hospital performance is certainly greater. Traditional Chinese medicine should be the beacon for the masses to heal and maintain health! Can survive in the cracks of Chinese medicine, but still full of loopholes and not complete! National medicine has lost its due role. Make traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy also can not play its due role! Missed a lot of difficult diseases that could be treated, rheumatism rheumatism patients including their own. It is said that the two presidents of the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, are because of rheumatoid joint disease pain died! It is a pity that TCM bee therapy can not be carried out in traditional Chinese medicine. Director of the maternal and child health care hospital of our city, knee effusion swelling pain, multiple masses inside the root of the thigh, two sizes of uterine fibroids, breast swelling pain, cured in the institute for half a year, breast swelling pain, mass tumor fibroids disappeared. Ask me once? Doctor Fan, mass tumor fibroids of traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy can be removed; brain glioma can also be removed? I said it should be fine, and there are already cases. Who is she from? She said it was her husband. I said: if the hospital can treat in the hospital treatment.


Rheumatism is more than water, diabetes people less consumption.


Greed meat injury to the tumor, simple rice remove three high.


If the hospital can't cure it! You asked him to try the apiculture? She says that glioma is very hard to cure! Because of the protective effect of the brain barrier, it is difficult to penetrate into the lesions and cure glioma. I said that my teacher already had a case of cure. After a glioma in Shandong was cured, he also called his nephew to my teacher Wang Menglin where to learn bee therapy. She said I told him to come over for advice. The next day, the husband of leadership of city education bureau comes to understand consultation, big man looks very healthy, you do not believe he is sick! The result is an incurable disease! Do not believe bee therapy finally, choose hospital treatment, after a year encounter director said, the operation is invalid! Lover and aptherapy have died.


Traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy medical technology is light, small money price no one to listen to.


Experts and professors ostentation big, rather spend a high price to die.


The western medical model, which is eager for quick success and two hundred years, boasts science and links modern science and technology with the philosophy of life! Suppressed five thousand years of traditional Chinese medicine, and deprived Chinese medicine people of medicine! So that it can only survive in the hospital cracks!


Everyone see, there are how many doctors, look, smell, ask and cut? It's all about the department instruments.


What is scientific medicine? The characteristics of scientific medicine are that it is based on the autopsy, it is not people-oriented but also ignores the integrity, technical limitations, and often overthrow itself. It can study in industry, it brings convenience to people, as well as modern rich and fast life, supplement the lack of human medicine. But the science of science, in the overall health of human organisms seems not good! People are not robots, not after the assembly can pull can run. Besides, if science can really assemble, it can only assemble a soulless ape. Would you rather assemble an Edison head and look? Assemble a MAO Zedong thought to see? When science can assemble its head, let's call it long live.


Although Chinese and western medicine have their own advantages; Chinese medicine focuses on root treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine adjusts the treatment to good the body, the patient often is a good scar forget the pain! Don't remember well, but also think that they would be good.


Western medicine has technical advantages, can save the dying patients back famous! And it doesn't matter! Can also be the general trend of propaganda success and fierce! And everyone believes it! I thought the hospital can cure any disease, so the sea of people. Of course, hospitals also have policy and human factors! But western medicine will not be the real medicine of complete human health. From the current development trend, the hospital has to kidnap all human health potential! But other countries may be kidnapped! I think there are five thousand years of Chinese medicine civilization history, the Chinese nation will not be kidnapped, the Chinese nation will inevitably stand proudly in the east like the ancient Chinese medicine people.


Sick to go to the hospital certainly right! When life is only between breathing, destructive damage battlefield first aid, the western medicine is the first, and sacred. But under the influence of all the capitalist model of money! Patients need to sharpen their eyes to weigh the pros and cons, and do not become a money-making tool for the morally corrupt. Syndrome sub-health, rehabilitation treatment overall adjustment should not forget traditional Chinese medicine. Scientific instruments are only part of the tools of TCM.


The theory of traditional Chinese medicine for five thousand years, the ancestors are not idle. Studying both the symptoms and the root causes is a national treasure, and the truth is often tested.


In the Three Kingdoms Period, Hua Tuo and even in the ancient times of the Spring and Autumn Period had already performed operations with traditional Chinese medicine anti-inflammatory needles and other tools in the war. The battlefield first aid existed in ancient times, but no modern advanced pendulum. Hospitals to look out for war and natural disasters! First aid is still needed, the operation time is very short, rehabilitation treatment is the main. The treatment of sub-health chronic diseases cannot be separated from the adjustment of TCM health preservation and treatment, so the perfect medical system will be the first Chinese medicine. The western liberal democracy model represented by the United States, including medical care, has selfish profit purposes! What brings to the people of all countries is not real health, but the humanitarian disaster of human rights and death! Even a disaster of human society. The leading mode of TCM is in line with the whole society, the human life and soul are healthy, and the real Chinese medicine science will surely go into the world.


The scientific knowledge of Chinese medicine is vast and inclusive. Western medicine is just a drop in the ocean of Chinese medicine. Since western medicine technology is introduced into the motherland, it is a part of the motherland of traditional Chinese medicine. For example, the high-speed railway was first invented by Germany and Japan with developed science and technology, and then overtaken by Chinese scientists innovating high-speed railway technology. China's high-speed railway has become a beautiful name card of the world! It seems like the teacher teaches the student; the teacher cannot become the prime minister, and the student can. Students can only be a lifetime is a student! Will have no seed, men should be self-improvement. Just as the desolate America dominates the world with the help of developed technology! Bully the weak and harvest the world's assets like! American science and technology is created by the elites of all over the world, especially many elite talents of Tsinghua and Peking University in China, which has made the high-end science of the United States, shaped the image of the United States as a great power and become the name card of the United States.


Can't Chinese medicine, inherited for five thousand years, become a name card of the world? The Western model of the world boasted of the extremely prosperous! However, the evil will be evil, and the cult model will not be passed on forever. Extreme happy sad moon full loss! Eight hundred thousand deaths is not enough to wake up the world? Let us wait and see! See if their descendants will not follow their predecessors? Now that our country is rich and strong, we cannot always wear our tail. Either the east wind overcomes the west wind or the east wind. Uncle Xi mainly pushes traditional Chinese medicine to the world, and pushes the traditional Chinese medicine model of Chinese civilization back to the West! This requires the concerted efforts of the Chinese leadership team. Besides, the health of the people, do not rely on their own Chinese medicine, rely on western medicine? Walking on one leg can never walk on two legs! It will never be possible to be rich and strong! The fate of the Chinese people must be in the hands of the Chinese people themselves, and we cannot always be students.


Appleditherapy is difficult, but there is always sweet in the bitterness. As long as the road is right, no matter how far away it is.



Hospital which high-end equipment, for ordinary people is just a temptation! But for the rich man, but the hero finally has a place to use. People's health quality is to return to nature. In their 80s and 90s, they can still live an idyllic life from dawn to dusk. I went to the grassroots rural community free diagnosis, over most of the elderly at home, less young. Once, a grandmother who looked less than 80 years old, asked him what is uncomfortable where the pain? She said I only cervical vertebra a little uncomfortable: I see her health, on the bee sting column missing point stab, registration age scared a big jump! Say ninety-seven! Next to the people said to her, but also every day to work on their own living! I am too old and I was worried about the risk of unnecessary apdue by my kind intentions. The other one was just the same! But after a few times, I all registered before doing aphive. Or seemingly 70 or 80 years old grandma came over, I asked her several years old where the pain? She said nothing could hurt! I said no pain you come over what? She said the secretary said in the radio, let everyone come to the free clinic I came over! I said there is no discomfort or pain, no need for bee therapy! She said that just that her eyes were a little blurred. Next to the person she said ninety-eight, I said ninety-eight years old I can dare not give you aptherapy. She said why? I said you are a national treasure! I can't bear the responsibility anymore! So I send you a quick effect bright eye liquid, very good can be a spray on the bright! You can try it, she is happy to say thank you! And next to the people said; good weather she also climbed seventeen or eight hundred meters peak mountain once a day! Which noble bosses think it! Is the body important or the gold important? Uncle Xi said: gold and silver mountains are not as good as clear waters and green mountains. Healthy you can be a practical person and work, no health everything is zero. Thanks to Uncle Xi for his wisdom, thanks to the Communist Party for its good policy! Now the new rural conditions are good, rural construction is the same as the city, community pension, nearly centenarians more.


Middle-aged and elderly syndrome, menopause syndrome, osteoarthrosis nodular cyst, mass tumor and even cancer, the rural elderly are also common! But they are heartless light diet, often live with the disease, do not choose not to do excessive medical treatment, and can live years. And the drug treatment is improper, have hurt the body! Traditional Chinese medicine says that "medicine is three points of poison".



Do the antibiotics and other chemical drugs of western medicine have toxic side effect? I remember 20 years ago the boss of bee products enterprise said: China export European and American bee products is quite difficult! I asked, "Why is it hard?"He said that Europe and the United States have strict standards for antibiotics, simply cheat people! He said, for example: if water in a medium-sized swimming pool, with two grams of chloramphenicol or streptomycin, antibiotics exceed the standard! If it's honey, they don't want it even in their country. Chinese bee farmers hard brewing honey, to other countries do not want! Hundreds of tons of honey are said to be shipped back at such a high cost. Other foods, too, have had the same dilemma. see? Their development of western medicine, initially did not know that there are so many toxic side effects! So I gave up. And the Chinese people are still when the treasure! After their merciless blow, the country talent sober. The middle-aged and elderly generation is in the hospital, how many antibiotics did the hospital give us? Only recently did the country correct it. Western medicine is actually too much sequela, toxic and side effects are too big! Surgical radiotherapy and chemotherapy is a last resort.


TCM bee therapy and other TCM noninvasive rehabilitation treatment must catch up. Even long will be together together long will divide. Great occasions make great men! Aspirants should turn the tide and stand up. Now hospitals often go to the countryside to check the elderly, of course, the city high salary noble not to mention, physical examination is common. Can the lump that which checks out cyst tumor besides operation, seem to have no other better way can solve! Mass tumor is still small, stay to wait for observation, even cancer is waiting for big again! What's the logic of that? People of traditional Chinese medicine advocate prevention before disease, and treatment without disease.


In the traditional Chinese medicine people can remove these mass tumors without trauma, the patient also went to the hospital to choose surgery, it seems that it is a pity! Doing these unnecessary operations is like a child playing house and leaving regrettable scars on the patient. But, with America around, the world seems to be the opposite! Tumor surgery minimally invasive puncture, leaving a scar, called "high-tech"! No scar, the removal of tumor cysts, is an unscientific low technology. The bandit type of liberal democracy must impose on people, like Taiwan island, Japan, South Korea and other rickets countries are obediently surrendered to him! Take the American words as the imperial edict, and copy the evil theory of western medicine! But history will eventually be ruled out for sure.


Human body rehabilitation balance overall health needs traditional Chinese medicine to adjust and complete, precious and priceless body, how can bear the trauma of goodwill. The house or the throne is polluted and damaged, the in the mind will be distressed sad! Are people better than cars? How could scientists leave the rocket satellite plane alive with regret and damage? Life is so precious! And the combination of human life, than the satellite rocket! In terms of the current level of medical science and technology, it is not too much to say that the Great Wall just diffuse the first step. Science and technology are bringing forth the old every day! In other words; science is never perfect, but only one life. Above I am superficial words do not know can be right? I hope my friends can argue can, debate need not.


The friend says: in the central hospital, a rich friend needs three days two head regular dialysis! Diabetes syndrome, the central hospital set nine departments director doctor plus vice president consultation, also helpless! Diabetes syndrome: What about the whole healthcare system do of a hospital? Modern medicine is so developed, is not the thinking system problem, how to cure the diabetes of a small department! I often attend the traditional Chinese medicine inheritance conference, often hear the old Chinese medicine experts say; diabetes with insulin or endless dialysis, is to push the patient slowly into a dead end.


In April 2020, Beijing to study here bee therapy doctor zhao a institute of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine, the major hospital, all said to saw diabetic feet, a person to control blood sugar, and no blind spot cure serious will saw diabetes foot and syndrome (severe blood sugar 28~29, eight ~ nine years diabetes complications eye, right eye 0,1, left eye basic without vision, no blind area completed the foot treatment) finally foot success. Feng fan also often encountered, diabetes syndrome eyes, usually watch TV trees house, are fuzzy, in the treatment of cervical spondylosis 21 days at the same time, vision also recovered, 61 years old she said now can see the diabetes instructions. Dr. Zhao said that he began to study nursing, studied advanced nurses, studied in the internal medicine of Beijing Medical University for eight years, and finally did clinical work in the hospital. But discover in clinical, a lot of syndrome owe method, feeling hospital treatment is not all, and have much regret! After making deep friends with Chinese medicine people, I realized the extensive and profound nature of Chinese medicine! He resolutely dismissed the hospital work, visited the famous teachers of traditional Chinese medicine, solved many difficult and complicated diseases, and then became attached to Lao Fan, and Lao Fan became the sixth teacher.


Out of the iron rice bowl big hospital by the same doctor brother and sister-in-law blame, more was engaged in the Red Cross president of traditional Chinese medicine black father, scold the dog blood spray head! It's useless, and claims to be divorced from the father-daughter relationship. She said I am very clear, although a lot of disease hospitals can check out the reason, but the medical treatment is often mechanically copy, more no way to cure! Tumor and other active surgery operation! Whole body pain knows that the body has a problem, but the instrument is checked but no organic lesions, the expert doctor has no way to ask medicine! Experts have too much embarrassment and regret.


After that, I introduced Dr. Zhao to my friends and called him to my colleagues! Isn't aphitherapy, okay? Yes, there are many cases of Chinese therapy treating diabetic feet. As early as 2010, the Science and Technology Promotion Center of the Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine held two meetings on TCM bee therapy for diabetes in Shijiazhuang, Beijing


Many diseases hospitals treat ineffective difficult diseases! But the folk traditional Chinese medicine master is the expert of these miscellaneous diseases however. Recognize the fact, the result she is still as since visit many folk Chinese medicine master, learn to treat all kinds of difficult diseases. Doctor Zhao said: the magnificent medical community, but can not treat a diabetes syndrome! I combine traditional Chinese and western medicine, a suitcase backpack, just like a three class a hospital, three class a hospital can do, she can basically do the same. It shows that there are many superb medical technologies in Chinese medicine buried deep in the people. If the country does not go to the arrangement and excavation, it is a pity.


The follow-up medical drugs cost much more than the stent! I received a few patients on the heart stent and five on the foot, the patient said: the annual follow-up drug costs to thirty or forty thousand, five years of six or seventy thousand. A 76-year-old male patient, who felt dizzy and stepped on cotton and needed a family care. Spend 860 yuan a group of special bee products, can eat about 50 days, call him to eat about ten days to adapt to, come over again, the result three days later, he oneself a person ran over to say: now the head not dizzy eyes not flower, all the strength to go to field work. Bee therapy consolidation less than five months said to me: now grow fruits and vegetables have sold four or five thousand yuan, and also said, and planted one thousand seven or eight hundred watermelon, seven or eight hundred pear melon. I said: you used to spend thirty or forty thousand medical expenses every year, to maintain the body, but also need a lover to take care of, now not only can save tens of thousands of medical expenses, but also can earn twenty or thirty thousand. He said yes, but also happy to eat, happy to work, good health.


Why did he dare to come to the therapy after he had a stent? That is because a year ago, a woman in the same village was 56 years old, with rheumatoid disease for many years. About one meter six meters tall, just came to the research institute when the lunar December, the village people said whether she can live a year is a problem! At that time weight only more than 50 pounds, the skin is very black like an African. After aptherapy product quality adjustment about a year, the body weight increased to more than 90 jin. People in their village see such a serious disease, aphitherapy can have an effect, the result of many middle-aged and elderly people come to aphitherapy. The village has more than 400 population, nearly 30 people come to swarm. And he saw that others bee therapy is effective, so he must come to try! The result is an enviable success. His friend, eighty-one years old left foot on five brackets, is also five or six years, the cost is 160,700 thousand, and feet often pain, sometimes midnight at night, to pain up to walk six or seven miles, will be a little comfortable. Listen to a friend say: the heart stent has an effect. He also wants to try bee therapy, the result does not need medication, the effect is as good.


The heart on the stent patient, traditional Chinese medicine bee curative effect fruit is good, so, cardiovascular blockage, must be on the stent patient line? Yes or more. Nine years ago, a 55-year-old female patient with diabetes syndrome, left cardiovascular blockage nearly 80, weak limbs, palpitation, chest tightness, heart, mouth pain, asthma walking wandering, seven or eight centimeters high steps, to be held to come in. Tell that he escaped from the operating table!why? It was she who heard the doctors still analyzing and communicating, worried that many of her syndromes were too serious and the operation was risky! So she hurried from the operating table and went home. Later, my wife went to the park to go out in the publicity that traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy, on a person to come to the institute, waiting for her to leave: the park of her partner with my lover said: call my lover to call me, this person walk are swaying, a body is sick! There is life risk at any time, call me not to give her bee therapy. My lover called me, I said I know, I will grasp the discretion, call my lover rest assured. She came to the institute, I bubble a cup of warm honey water, and so she drank, I understand the situation, I said bee sting grasp the weight, can try.


She said I had seen from the TV, also said my husband also know, Lin Biao seems to have done in the Soviet Union therapy; I do not know who to say! I said yes! You have such a good state of mind, and believe in therapy, really can try. I released the first half of the bee venom easily allergic histamine substances, the bee stung for three miles for a second, let her quiet rest for half an hour, I see no reaction, asked her to take home allergy medicine. The next day she came back and said: In all these years, I had never slept so comfortably as I had been yesterday. Bee therapy bee products after a year, then go to the hospital for examination; many syndromes improved, like normal health, cardiovascular blockage disappeared, adhere to bee therapy until the age of 65 years now. However, recently due to improper diet and high blood sugar fell, and a small stroke, is still continuing therapy.


Life in the world sorrow and joy, when the peace is not easy.


Strong body and healthy heart, the devil detour originally attack.


More than 10 years ago, the director of the old cadre bureau of our city, every physical examination, can find out more than 10 kinds of bad indicators, because palpitation chest tightness heart rate is unstable, all over weak, often a person walks will be tired out of breath! Even a few times, need to call 120 ambulance, sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. However, since knowing the bee therapy old fan, with bee therapy and bee product health care, became a lively, walking like flying, cycling like a dragon, and then we became friends. More than 10 years ago, he said the annual salary new post more than 200 thousand, take a twenty or thirty thousand for the body to do health care what? Bee to kang, propolis, queen bee fetal particles, to give him good health, recommend the director, political commissar, general. Let the leaders also enjoy the bee health care brings health and happiness. I am also happy. Once the director took me to give sister treatment, left disc herniation sciatica, he drove me to sit in the passenger, he joked: old fan you really can! What's wrong with me? Did he say that the county magistrate would drive you uncomfortable? I reacted over, yes, very comfortable! The family is the county level down to the county group and level, is not the county magistrate to drive for me.


When it comes to lumbar disc herniation, it reminds another boss. The institute was just established, the boss through the introduction, come to my institute said: his lumbar disc out for many years, big hospital treatment is invalid! Originally, I had two factories, one company, but now because of waist pain, 20 or 30 minutes, can not drive: so the sale of the company and another factory. But after more than 20 days of aptherapy, you can live a normal life. An old classmate, the director of vice dean of people's hospital sees piece examination to him, say your intervertebral disc protrusion is so serious, how can you still go? He said you look, didn't I walk very well? The old classmate asked him what was going on? He said I was doing aptherapy. Old classmate say, does apiculture really have so good! He said yes, facts speak louder than words, and a lot of people say yes. Half a year later, he is in hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, call me to say: old fan I again not good! What's wrong with me? He said the rainy road slippery, the factory live more, accidentally fell down, the whole body pain! Cervical thoracic vertebra lumbar, three MRI examination out, the result is eleven disc prolapse! He said it was up to you again. I said by me, but since you are in the hospital, you have more medicine. He said: not to tell you from you, I am study medicine, the director of these departments in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, president vice president, are my elder brothers classmate! I know it very well for myself. They say nothing medicine than surgery is that disc herniation is really useful! I wonder if it's true or not. Then I say, you can always match a few more plaster? He said that would be fine. In the end, my traditional Chinese medicine bee therapy cured his back pain. In the following years, he opened two more companies and two factories. Acute lumbar sprain, lumbar disc herniation attack patients, bee therapy is often a needle effect.


Apitherapy for lumbar disc herniation. A barrister, sniping over to over. Slowly sit in the apiculture bed, and slowly ouch ouch to hold him to lie down. After learning that his left side pressed sciatica, I only in the left foot, and the left side, three bees can move freely after sting. There is a patient in Shenzhen to call me to say, back pain made again! Ask me to have what method can reduce low back pain? I said, you can't find a doctor locally. He said to see, even to the central leadership to do massage health care doctor all see, or can not move. I said I can't pass, only you can come back. He said I just have to walk and try it! As a result, he really came back from Shenzhen by the high-speed train overnight. Nearly eleven o'clock in the evening to the institute, before and after two hours of five bees, back pain and good.

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